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| Community: The Legacy of St Anthony

Ida Marie's Support and Partnerships Abound!

During the holiday season, The Legacy food team is happy to be called upon to support and partner with other departments in the building. This year has had its challenges, but we are proud to have overcome all obstacles in order to give our residents as many meal options as possible. This holiday season has presented us with some great opportunities to create foods from an array of faiths and embrace their history and place today. It's been a joy to prepare and share these foods and recipes for other to taste and learn about.

Recently we were asked to partner with marketing to make some amazing holiday cookie platters. These were really fun to make and we happily went a step further by making 3 extra platters for some great community outreach programs. It's been a joyful holiday season so far for the Ida Marie team and we're looking forward to the new year!

Call today to schedule a tour and be sure to stop in and see us in the restaurant. Sweets and treats provided!

The Legacy of St. Anthony |
2540 Kenzie Terrace | St. Anthony, MN 55418 | (612) 843-3700