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| Community: Emerald Pointe

Emerald Pointe Spotlights Janet Midthun

We have the perfect person to bring in our February month of Love. Janet Midthun who has been with our Emerald Pointe community for two years.

Janet was born in Blue Earth, Minnesota and in the final days of her husband life she lived in Copperfield until he graduated to a higher place. Janet saw Emerald Ponte when she was walking by and though she would just stop in to see if they had any apartments available. She had a good feeling about Emerald Pointe and thought this was the right place for her.

Janet has three wonderful children and 9 grandchildren that keep her busy. Speaking of busy Janet is a massage therapist at one of the salon studios in the neighborhood and at local Senior Assistant Living community. Janet also works as a Home Health Aide.

Janet has had and exciting and adventurous life, with her parents as evangelist and she lived in Madagascar which is a huge island nation off the southeast coast of Africa were she graduated from high school. For fun Janet enjoys going to the YMCA and Yoga.

Janet’s philosophy in life is energy follow thoughts and to today’s generation her advice is to be kind to one another.

Thank you Janet for making Emerald Pointe your home.