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Emerald Point: A Great Place to Call Home!

I know this is just a tad unusual to let everyone know about me personally, but not only am I assistant manager here at Emerald Pointe (which I am very proud to be), but have also been a resident for 11 years. I started out as a part time leasing agent in the evenings when needed and that position grew to assistant manager. I think all of you residents know how much each and every one of you mean to me. I truly believe in living the dream of going above and beyond to each of you when possible.

I had a very fun time this past weekend with my family. For the first time in years, my two sisters Karen who lives in Spicer and my other sister Barb who resides in St. Louis, Missouri and my only brother who lives in Redwing all got together for a sibling reunion. I can‘t tell you how much it meant to me to be sharing a suite all together for 3 days! Staying up till 4:00 AM each morning and getting up was a real challenge. We each wanted to bring a gift to pass and as you see in the below picture was the gift I gave each of them. It’s a t-shirt that has our coat of arms from my maiden name and on the back I had them print “Oldest, I Make the Rules”, the two middle stated “We Are the Reason We Have Rules” and mine of course stated “Youngest, Rules Don’t Apply To Me”. 

So, with that being said…you each hopefully were able to get to know me a little better on a personal level. I have two great son’s, Brad and Jeff who mean the world to me with three grandchildren, Jacqueline Susan who lives in Germany and Madelynn Rose and Jarret who both living in the Minneapolis area.  

To make Emerald Pointe your home please stop by or call:
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