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| Community: Emerald Pointe

It’s All About Relationships at Emerald Pointe

At Emerald Pointe we are broadening our partnerships. How?

Apartment Partners.

We have already reached out to Royal Oaks and Wingate and formed a nice partnership. From our VIP’s, we continue to reach out to more neighboring apartment complexes to become referral partners.

Community Partners.

Frankie’s is a neighboring partner that puts our Emerald fliers on all his pizza boxes. Emerald Pointe then puts his take- out menus in our “Welcome Packets” to new residents. We are currently reaching out to more of our community neighbors and forming that partnership.

Resident Visits.

Our resident referrals are so valuable. Everyone goes to their favorite grocery store, restaurant, gas station, dental office, church and etc. We all know somebody who is either looking or knows someone that is looking. Many residents have taken the Emerald Pointe flier and taken it to their work where they post it in their breakrooms. That is a great way to get the conversations started and the information to get into our future resident’s hands.

Sister Site Referrals.

Every week an email is sent to our Lang Nelson sister sites giving information as to what we have available along with the amenities that are include and pricing. Our new resident may not start here but with these valuable leads, they can end up here making Emerald Pointe their new home.

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