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| Community: Emerald Pointe

Emerald Pointe Knows a Lot About Wellness and Prevention!

Let’s get physical!

Emerald Pointe VIP Gems! Linette B. is actively involved in the Health & Wellness industry, and has been for the past 5 DECADES. She will entice our Emerald Pointe VIP Gems into exploring the simplified steps to improving your well-being for a positive future. Our first Health Session provided on Wellness Wednesday, June 16, 2021, discussed the importance of acknowledging what the human body recognizes as positive and negative. Five VIP Gems volunteered in a demonstration consisting of holding a house cleaner with harsh chemicals vs holding a naturally produced house cleaner. This demonstration proved a metaphorical action regarding to the moment when the body rejects processed meals, inactive environments; the body craves clean meals, and active environments. The Health Session carried into the education of importance of recognizing the body.

Join us on Wellness Wednesday, July 28, 2021 @ 5:30 PM – 7:00 PM, in the 7611- Community Room, for the 2nd Health Session offered by Linette B. where VIP Gems will take the body’s acknowledgement into action.

“Health is an Investment; Illness is an Expense”

We welcome you to enjoy the Lang Nelson Experience at Emerald Pointe. Our available 1- and 2-bedroom spacious apartment homes are the best value in all of New Hope. As a valued gem of Emerald Pointe, you will enjoy social experiences and friendships gained all the while living in an amazing community. We offer several floor-plans, and select apartment homes even offer wood-burning fireplaces.  You also have easy access to all major freeways and you are only 10 minutes from Downtown. Our superb location offers restaurants and shopping within walking distance.

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