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| Community: Emerald Pointe

2019~ A Time to Celebrate a Great Team at Emerald Pointe!

7611 Building

Linette has lived here 12 years and had been a Caretaker previously for 5 years and she has been at Emerald Pointe for 1 year now. Her passion is teaching children and helping animals. Her words of wisdom: Bloom where you are planted.

Alvin has lived here for 13 years and has been a Caretaker for 7 of those years. His passion is reading the Bible. His hobbies are fishing and cooking. His words of wisdom: Be thankful for each day and what you have because many others aren’t that fortunate.

7601 Building

Rob has lived here for 6 years and has been a Caretaker for 1 year. His passion is fishing, watching documentaries on wildlife, and planets/nature. He also Loves watching football and baseball. His words of wisdom: Do onto others as you would have them do onto you.

Heather has lived here for 10 years. She started as a Caretaker in May of 2019 and at the same time started doing apartment turns when people moved out. Her passion is to work with special needs children. Her words of wisdom: Everyone has a purpose in life.

The Caretakers total combined residency at Emerald Pointe is 41 years. That says a lot about the warm, family feel here. We appreciate and thank you for a great year and job well done! If you see them out and about please thank them. ​

Emerald Pointe
7611 36th Ave N
New Hope, MN 55427