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| Community: Emerald Pointe

Emerald Pointe Spotlights Mhendy and Andrew

We bring in the month of August with two of our newest residents: Mhendy and Andrew joined the Emerald Pointe community only a few months ago.

Mhendy was born in the Philippians and Andrew was born in Canada.  Mhendy moved from San Diego, California and Andrew was adopted and he moved to Minnesota to be with his new family.

Mhendy has worked for Starkey Technology as a shipping clerk for over twenty years and Andrew has been with Iron Mountain for over two years.

Mhendy met Andrew in Minnesota six years ago and decided they were inseparable and they wanted to continue their relationship living together in the same place.  Mhendy’s bus stop was right by Emerald Pointe and Andrew Googled Emerald Pointe and was able to get more information about the apartment and set up and appointment with Michelle to look at it.  Mhendy and Andrew like the spacious apartment and the idea that it is considered a friendly community because Mhendy likes talking and meeting people.

Mhendy’s hobby is cooking and she has been catering for over four years.  Some of the items she specialized in is her famous egg rolls and her fresh fruit cake. She caters birthday parties, weddings and bridal showers.  The names of her catering business is “Simple Creations of Life”.

Mhendy and Andrew’s words of wisdom are, “Choose to have a peaceful and loving life”.

Thank you, Mhendy and Andrew, for making Emerald Pointe your home.

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