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| Community: Emerald Pointe

All are family at Emerald Pointe!

What we find so fun and enjoyable is watching families be a part of our Lang Nelson family throughout the years.  We have been part of Heather Shutta’s family watching her twins, Destiny and TJ grow up and graduate High School this year and Jasmine entering 10th grade.  Heather and her family moved here in April of 2007 and have considered Emerald Pointe their home ever since.  “We were just driving by when we noticed Emerald Pointe and really wanted to stay in the New Hope area,” Heather said.  The cleanliness, quiet surroundings, and having elevators really clinched their decision to move here.  Heather is busy taking care of Jasmine, and both TJ and Destiny work at Hy-Vee.  
Heather enjoys taking the Lang Nelson Transportation bus to the grocery store and the errand bus.  Both Destiny and TJ said they love popcorn Fridays, cake and ice cream, and the outdoor heated swimming pool.  The close knit of residents and friendly neighbors really gives off the sense of security that they are impressed with.  Our maintenance staff is great, Dan and Calvin our wonderful, super kind and friendly.  Jamie and Sue are professional, kind hearted and friendly.  Did I forget to mention their new addition to their family, Ms. Ava (Maltese mix).  Welcome Ava!

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