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| Community: Emerald Pointe

Creekside Gables Spotlights Mac and Raynette S.

Mac and Raynette S. are originally from Gramercy and Edgard Louisiana. They met about twenty years ago in one of those “just bumped into each other situations". 

Raynette is from a large family where she is the oldest, and Mac is from a large family also, but third from the oldest. Fitting into large families, where people drop in spontaneously is no surprise to either one of them and huge events like reunions and other celebrations do not offer many challenges. 

Mac and Raynette have four children and twelve grandchildren.

Hurricane Katrina was an event that changed the life of many and actually relocated an assortment of people to different states, Mac and Raynette decided to come to Minnesota. They loved Minneapolis right away, and Raynette remembers thinking, as she got off the plane, that the air here smelled cleaner. That was thirteen years ago.

 Raynette lived with a relative for about four months and then lived in her first apartment of 34th and Portland, and ironically, Mac found work at the airport.

They moved to NE Minneapolis then to public housing, then to Robbinsdale and finally settling into the Brooklyn Park area.

Mac likes to shoot pool and go fishing. Raynette likes to fish also and found local places to fish, likes Solitaire, Match 3 and Bingo.

We are happy to have them here at Creekside as they are a very friendly and happy couple. When you see them, give them a big hello and I’m sure it will happily be returned! 

Thank you Mac and Raynette for choosing Creekside Gables as your new home.