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| Community: Cedarwood

Cedarwood Thanks Our Long-term Residents

On September 11th, 2019 Cedarwood held an appreciation event for those residents who have chosen to live with us for five years or more. We were so honored to have been able to invite almost 40 of our residents. Of those 40 over 20 residents were able to attend. They gathered together, saw the faces of neighbors they haven’t seen in a while and were reminded of why we love our community events. We reminisced on humorous stories and great memories. People shared heartfelt connections with neighbors, stories of being greeted with kindness when they first moved in, and how valued they feel as residents of Cedarwood. It was obvious why they have all chosen to make Cedarwood and Lang Nelson their home for so long. We appreciate all of our residents, they truly are the reason Cedarwood is such a great community. For those of you who haven’t reached the five year mark yet, stay with us, enjoy the continual improvements at the “New Cedarwood” and we will celebrate again next year!

If you would like the opportunity to join such a welcoming community of neighbors call to set up a tour today!

Cedarwood Apartments
5450 Douglas Drive N
Crystal, MN 55429