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| Community: Cedarwood

Puzzles Come to Cedarwood!

Introducing Puzzle time at Cedarwood: each Monday we will host a time to complete a new puzzle and pair it with a treat starting with a “P”. One week it might be Puzzles and Pizza, the next perhaps Puzzles and Popcorn. Regardless of which treat is served its guaranteed to be a great time! Join us on Monday March 4th for the first puzzle. Even if putting together puzzles isn’t your strength, it is always amazing to watch it come together as a beautiful picture. If you still aren’t convinced consider some of the benefits. Studies show that solving jigsaw puzzles exercises the left and right sides of your brain, improves short term memory and visual-spatial reasoning. Puzzles are also a great stress reliever, a good way to connect with other people and help you live longer! Join us and enhance your life physically and socially! That isn’t all! Each week we will glue it together and then raffle it off to the participants the following week! Check in the newsletter to see the winner with the creation!

Cedarwood Apartments
5450 Douglas Drive North
Crystal, MN, 554229
(763) 533-3170