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| Community: Cedarwood

The Stage is Set for Lang Nelson Resident Visit Month at Cedarwood

June is a special month throughout Lang Nelson Properties and Cedarwood is no exception.  This year is our 8th Annual Resident Visit Month.  Resident Visit Month is time when our staff puts an even stronger emphasis on engaging with our residents.  The Resident Visit is when our management and maintenance staff schedule time to sit down with our residents in a private, distraction-free environment and really form the bond that makes us a unique property.  It is a time when we really have the chance to listen to our residents’ ideas to help shape the community they desire.  This information is then shared with our sister sites to ensure quality programming throughout all Lang Nelson Properties.
The tradition kicks off with a bang on Friday, June 4th with a full-on BBQ at the pool.  The party will have music, camaraderie, and of course chances to win plenty of prizes.

Cedarwood offers 1, 2, and 3 bedroom apartments in a great community.  We have on site management and maintenance and weekly activities for you and all of the very important people in your life.  Our location is superb and is walking distance to restaurants, shopping, and parks!

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