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| Community: Cedarwood

Cedarwood Celebrates New Resident Evelyn

Evelyn is a new resident to Cedarwood Apartments. She moved here from Boston, MA. She and her husband decided to return to Minnesota after they had moved almost 10 years ago. She was excited to return to Minnesota because Boston is a very expensive place to live and is far from most of her family. Originally Evelyn is from Liberia in West Africa and came to America for better financial opportunities. She was surprised to find that in order to succeed in America she had to suffer through many hard times. She came with a dream to continue her education and become a Registered Nurse. Currently she works as a nursing assistant but dreams of returning to school as soon as the last of the 7 children she raised graduates from high school. She loves working in nursing because it gives her the chance to serve others.

Evelyn has always loved to read, and reads mostly novels and fiction. Most recently though she has been spending most of her free time watching the news on CNN, she has a desire to know and understand the current events of our world. She also spends time attending church in Coon Rapids and going with her family to their favorite type of restaurant, the Chinese Buffet. Along with her dream to return to school, Evelyn also hopes that one day she will have the chance to return to Liberia and see the family members who remain there. She has two adult children and three siblings still in Liberia and has not seen them since moving here in 2005. Though there are things she misses about the two other places she has called home, Liberia and Boston, Evelyn is happy to be here in Minnesota and especially happy that she has chosen Cedarwood as her new home. Thank you for being here with us Evelyn!

For more information on making Cedarwood your home, please stop by or call:
5450 Douglas Drive North
Crystal, MN 55429