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| Community: The Crossings at Brookwood

Halloween Fun for Everyone at The Crossings at Brookwood!

The Crossings celebrated Halloween this year with a delicious meal “to go” catered by TST Catering! Our own property manager, Jesse Gully, dressed in costume stirring up a delicious witch’s brew!  It was a “Ghoulishly” delectable hotdish meal complete with a treat bag and costume contest!  We had some very creative costumes! Residents cast their vote and we declared the top 3 winners!  First Place:  Grace as “A Pirate” Second Place: Sue as the “Scarecrow”.  Third Place:  Lil as “Back to the 50’s Lady.”   Thank you to everyone who dressed up! 

There are many benefits to celebrating holidays, such as Halloween.  It’s not just for kids!  Grown ups enjoy it just as much!  It brings back memories of when their kids and grandkids dressed up for Halloween and they took them down the street “trick or treating.” 

So, here’s our top 5 Benefits! 

  1.  It’s Fun to Dress Up!  It stimulates our creativity, helps reduce stress and let’s us use our imagination to be something we would never be in real life.
  2. It’s Something to Look Forward to!  The feeling of anticipation to do something fun gives you more positive energy and puts a “pep in your step.”  This is especially important since all the life and socialization changes the pandemic has created these past several months.
  3. It Fosters a Sense of Community!  When you participate in a group activity it enhances your feeling of belonging by doing something fun with other people. 
  4. Voting Can Be Fun!  The only candidates on the ballot are your friends and neighbors.  Their platform is a costume!  You get to pick 3 winners!  How fun is that! 
  5. You Get to Eat Lots of Candy!  Who doesn’t like a chance to indulge in eating more candy than they should?  And besides, there are no calories in Halloween Candy!

Are you a senior looking for a community that fits your lifestyle?  Come Join The Crossings at Brookwood and Enjoy Easy Senior Living!

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TST Catering is a local and family owned company that has been providing quality home-made food for our residents.  Every meal is delicious!  Contact them at (651) 488-0971 or visit their website: