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| Community: The Crossings at Brookwood

The Crossings at Brookwood Spotlights Nelda B.

If you haven’t gotten the pleasure of knowing Nelda yet, you are surely missing out! Nelda originally grew up in southern MN in a small village called Trimont; she was the 14th child born in her family! After graduating from high school there, she helped her dad with farming. Both of her parents came from Germany.

She did some travelling & ended up meeting her husband in California & married there in 1944. They did some traveling around their first years & ended up in the state of Washington after he retired from the army. He worked for the Postal Service & eventually transferred to Minneapolis. Nelda worked for the V.A. for 23 years. They had 2 daughters. They continued to enjoy travelling to different states, Europe, & to Alaska for their 50th wedding anniversary! She & Keith moved to The Crossings in 1997; he passed in 1999. They were married for 54 years!

Nelda enjoys attending family reunions, volunteering at her church of St. Phillips, reading, & doing family genealogy. She has 6 grandsons & 12 great-grandchildren! She is very active in our community & attends many activates including Chat & Chowder, catered dinners, the weekly exercise class, church, & tons more! She stays active at The Crossings at Brookwood.

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