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Cloverleaf Courts' Senior Buddy Program

WCCO Television visited Cloverleaf Courts for our annual year end picnic with our 4th graders from Calvin Christian School in Blaine. Our senior buddy program began 4 years ago by Jon Kroeze, 4th grade teacher at Calvin Christian School. During the school year his 4th graders visit Cloverleaf Courts once a month and participate in projects, talent shows, games and a lot of hearty laughs! This years project for the 4th graders was interviewing their senior buddy, getting to know them and writing a book about their buddy. At the year end picnic Jon Kroeze reads a loud a brief excerpt from each book and the students present the book to their buddy! Cloverleaf Courts residents are already looking forward to next years adventure with the 4th graders at Calvin Christian School! I have added a link to the WCCO interview that aired on May 5/15/2018. 

Cloverleaf Courts
1011 Cloverleaf Parkway
Blaine, MN, 55434
Phone: 763-784-0063