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| Community: Cloverleaf Courts

Join the Summer Fun at Cloverleaf Courts

Summer is gearing up (although we didn’t expect 90’s in June) and we are ready to have some fun in the sun, and/or in the air conditioning.  We have a lot of events planned for summer, and have upgraded our cable package so we can catch all the Twins games and cheer on the U.S.A. in the Summer Olympics. 

July is also full of activities we’re bringing back like: Karaoke, Grill Masters, Card Groups, and Blanket Tying.  

If you are looking for a fun and active community of seniors, now is the time to schedule a tour and see what Cloverleaf Courts and our community has to offer you.  Daily programming, special events, and resident-run activities are waiting for you to join.  Call us now to schedule a tour and let us show you the Lang Nelson Experience!

Cloverleaf Courts
1011 Cloverleaf Parkway N.E.
Blaine, MN  55434

Amanda Morrison – Blaine Campus Manager
763-784-0063 /
Jake Ilika – Blaine Campus Assistant Manager
763-233-6673 /