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| Community: Cloverleaf Courts

What Cloverleaf is Doing to Curb the Spread of COVID-19!

We’ve heard about “Flattening the Curve” and “Social Distancing” a lot lately, and for good reason – it’s what WE as a community of seniors and staff serving them can do to curb the spread of COVID-19 at the ground level.  Here at Cloverleaf Courts, we are keeping each other motivated to stay clean and healthy, encouraging all residents and staff to wash our hands, sanitize surfaces in our apartments, avoid gathering in any number-sized groups, maintaining a safe distance of six feet or more apart, not frequently going in or out, and staying home in our apartments/offices.  Both residents and staff are taking every precaution to keep this out of our community, and appreciate the efforts of everyone through this uncertain time.  Now is a good time to call up friends or family members you haven’t connected with in a while, start reading a new book, binge a new TV series, or watch all three Lord of the Rings!  If you feel yourself getting restless, we’ve given everyone a list of independent leisure resources as we practice social distancing and staying at home.  We are also very blessed to have Pastor Sherree Lane, our in-house Chaplain, here and available to chat on the phone if you’re feeling uneasy, anxious, or fearful of everything going on right now.  We are committed to going above and beyond for our community, through the good times and the bad.  We will get through this together, and come out stronger (and more hygienic!) when it’s over.  If we all do our part, we will keep each other safe and soon enough we’ll be back to all the things that make living the Lang Nelson Experience so great!

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