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| Community: Cloverleaf Courts

Residents at Cloverleaf Courts have chosen their theme for 2019!

“Adventure: Step out of your comfort zone and trying something totally new! Food, music, outings and entertainment!” Our first food adventure was King’s Thai food restaurant in Blaine. We had 14 hungry, adventuresome residents on our bus! We invited Gary our bus driver but he wasn’t feeling “that” adventurous! Cloverleaf resident Jeyn H. did the menu interpretations and the owner of King's Thai, David, gave a history about Thai food and the seasonings used when cooking Thai food. They all had a wonderful adventure! The activities committee has scoped out some of their next food adventures: Greek, Finnish and Korean restaurants! 

You are invited to join the adventures in 2019 by calling Amanda today at 763-784-0063.

Cloverleaf Courts
1011 Cloverleaf Parkway
Blaine, MN, 55434
(763) 784-0063