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| Community: Cloverleaf Courts

New Year, New Goals at Blaine Campus!

Blaine Campus residents at both Blaine Courts and Cloverleaf Courts have shared some of their New Year’s Resolutions – or GOALS as many of us like to call them (less pressure) – to bring about positive change and growth in themselves.  Many of these goals are not limited to personal achievement, but involve family and friends, neighbors, and the community.  Goals set include quarterly projects for donations of crafts to local hospitals, scheduling and maintaining a regular Walking Group schedule, continuing learning new things, finding ways to safely volunteer, and figuring out Zoom to host virtual game nights and happy hours with each other.  As we await the time where COVID-19 is safely managed and we can gather again, we remain centered on a positive and fulfilling focus on new beginnings and goals for 2021!  Make 2021 your year to join an active community of seniors like ours – call us today! 

Cloverleaf Courts
1011 Cloverleaf Parkway NE
Blaine, MN 55434

Amanda Morrison, Blaine Campus Manager
763-784-0063 /

Jake Ilika, Blaine Campus Assistant Manager
763-233-6673 /