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| Community: Cloverleaf Courts

President Franklin Roosevelt Came to Cloverleaf Courts!

Cloverleaf Courts residents celebrated President’s Day with our 32nd President!

Franklin Delano Roosevelt….that’s right! F.D.R.!

We experienced one of F.D.R.’s fireside chats with impersonator Gary Stamm.

He sounds like F.D.R. and his mannerisms are that of F.D.R. Some of the residents remarked he evens looks like F.D.R.!

We have invited F.D.R. to come back to Cloverleaf Courts and give another fireside chat for residents and staff!

This is just one of the many activities, programs and events the residents have asked for during our monthly activities meeting. We plan months in advance for fun, interesting and adventurous activities. This year’s theme for activities, programs and events: Adventure- step out of your comfort zone and try something completely new! Having F.D.R. come out to Cloverleaf was completely new and we loved it!

Check out our monthly activities calendar online at and come join the fun!

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