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Creekside Gables Spotlights Volunteers Edith and Lillie!

In response to the recent implementation of two new programs here at Creekside Gables, we have two wonderful volunteers who have already joined forces to represent the generosity of Creekside Gables residents.

Lillie B. and Edith B. both moved to Creekside Gables in November of 2009.

These two ladies are now working with Pastor Shawn Morrison in Shoe Away Hunger which is a program that provides shoes for adults at either reduced prices or absolutely free. The program always need volunteers to sort, price and match up donated shoes. Shoe Away Hunger is a part of our Good in the Hood program which now provides monthly food distribution for registered residents at CG.

Volunteerism is just in their blood, as Edith has worked with the Aliveness Project in Minneapolis for a decade as well as other areas of volunteer services. The Aliveness Project is a program especially designed for those living with HIV/AIDS and provides many services.

Edith helps with the newsletters as well as other services such as holiday gift wrapping and makes herself available to the offices when needed.

Lillie B. has a long standing volunteer relationship with Brooklyn Center High School and helps with events and any other area where she is needed. She volunteers at Earle Brown Elementary as well.

Thank you ladies for stepping outside your comfort zones and reaching out to help others. If you would like information on volunteering, please see Zenobia in the office

If you would like more information on making Creekside Gables your home please contact us at:
7601 Zane Avenue
Brooklyn Park, MN 55443