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| Community: Creekside Gables

Creekside Gables Spotlights Mary Ann G.

Mary Ann G. has lived at Creekside Gables for nearly nine years. As soon as she was asked to do this interview she was eager to share her experiences.

Since living at Creekside, Mary has experienced a few changes but mostly likes the way that things keep improving. She loves the activities here such as our new walking club and the Step-To-It club that she participated in a couple of years back.

Now, to say that Mary is a big bingo fan would be an understatement. She enjoys all of our bingos which include fruit bingo, laundry bingo and our newest addition which is chair bingo. A new resident coordinated activity is visiting different restaurants once per month. Some residents have rarely thought to visit new eateries but with our Lang Nelson transportation it is so easy to get them to places like Portillo’s in Maple Grove.

As we talked, Mary said she misses going to the zoo as we did two summers ago so we will have to get that onto the agenda for this year.

Mary shared that she used to bowl, but due to a bad back can no longer participate but she enjoys sports on television like baseball and basketball. She loves camping and eating S’mores. Another thing she loves

When asked if she would recommend Creekside Gables to potential residents, she did not hesitate to say, “Of course” which is something she has been doing when she sees a tour going through. She can be heard saying, “You need to come and join us”

Mary loves living here and is such a pleasant addition to our cozy community. 

Please join us for one of our many wonderful events at Creekside Gables.

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