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| Community: Creekside Gables

Creekside Gables Welcomes New Resident Deb B.

Our resident spotlight is Deb B. who moved here about two months ago.

Deb was born at the U of M and raised in Granite Falls, Minnesota which is an hour from Marshall.
Deb loved Kindergarten and especially lying on the mats for nap time. Deb remembers being a really smart student, standing out in the subject of math.

Deb loved playing Barbie dolls with her sister, her dad built a two story house for the dolls and the girls spent many hours playing and pretending.  Middle school brought parties and fun, as with most kids it was a time for discovery and as with most girls, the big discovery was boys.

Deb visited the Holy Land with her parents and also traveled to Japan alone as a recipient of Youth for Understanding Exchange program when she was fifteen. There was a huge reception for Deb upon her return.

In high school Deb took her studies very seriously and loved to take part in theater productions such as The Sound of Music. In high school Deb had two boyfriends with whom she shared great romances.

Deb graduated second in her class in 1984 and had to make a speech before the audience.

Deb has been married twice and divorced once. She is mommy to a kitty cat named Lorna Jean.

Deb worked during high school and got hired later as a waitress. Since then, Deb has lived in various places and we are happy to have her at Creekside.

When you see her in the halls or at an activity please stop and say hello as she is very friendly and personable!

Thanks Deb for choosing Creekside Gables!

If you would like more information on making Creekside Gables your home please stop by or call:

Creekside Gables
7601 Zane Avenue
Brooklyn Park, MN 55443