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How Creekside Gables is Keeping Busy These Days!

Creekside Gables is  keeping busy... Even through the tough times and having to stay in our apartments, we continue to have fun activities delivered right to our door. We are learning a lot of new and interesting things as well as starting with our May day celebration. Then we had Cinco de Mayo. Did you know that this Mexican holiday is celebrated more here in the United States then in Mexico? We had a Coke and a Smile on National Have a Coke day and learned that has been around since 1886. 

On Friday, we will be celebrating National Solitaire Day. All residents will receive a deck of cards and then learn the history of solitaire. Solitaire dares back to the 18th century. It made is first appearance in 1783 where it appeared in a German book of games. Now we are all playing it on our computers & phones to pass the time.

Next week will be having more fun with National paper air plane day and National paper clip day. Then starting in June, we are going to start our stay at home Bingo & Secret Stay at home Friend which is much like Secret Santa.

We have so much fun here and we would love to have you join us!  If you or someone you know would like to make Creekside their home, call us today for a virtual tour! We would love for you to join our wonderful community and call Creekside Gables your home! Why? Because Creekside Rocks!

Creekside Gables
7601 Zane Ave
Brooklyn Park, MN 55443