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| Community: Creekside Gables

How The "New Normal" at Creekside Gables is Going!

Every month we see photos (like below and so many more) of our friends and neighbors, some may even be family. Now with the COVID-19 we have a “New Normal” at Creekside Gables and it seems strange. It’s called “Social Distancing”.  We are so used to having fun and interacting with all our activities. It’s hard to stay away! It seems like a ghost town around here. We know what we need to do is keep our distance from each other, wash our hands, and cover our coughs & sneezes with our arm. Limit your visitors to only essential/emergency visits. We need to do this to keep us all safe so when this is all over, we can continue to see all the same smiling faces we have come a custom to and love so much. Thank you all for your cooperation during this difficult time.

Creekside Gables
7601 Zane
Brooklyn Park, MN 55443