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Creekside Gables is Proud to Spotlight Paul and Kathy

Paul and Kathy were both born in Minneapolis. Paul’s parents were Helen and Everett and Kathy’s parents were James and Verneil. Paul’s dad was from Sweden and knew little of the language when he arrived at age 8 but later became a vice president at the Honeywell and worked there for over forty years.

Kathy’s dad was a veteran of the Korean War and was away for some of her childhood. Her Mom worked at Donaldson’s in the Southdale Mall during its opening.

Family life was different for Paul than it was Kathy. Paul grew up in a blended family of sorts with step-siblings and Kathy grew up with one sibling, a brother, who is now deceased.

Kathy attended Winona Elementary in Minneapolis from kindergarten to sixth grade on to Nokomis Junior High from seventh to ninth grade and Roosevelt High School from tenth to twelfth grade. All during her school years, Kathy was heavily involved with Girl Scouts. One of her favorite classes was health class.

Paul attended Susan B Anthony through his elementary years and his favorite subject was gym. He also enjoyed hanging out with his friends.

When Paul attended Roosevelt High School is when the magic happened. He met the girl he would later marry. Kathy had another friend who happened to be a boy with whom she had a dating relationship. For a while it was a toss-up between Paul and the other guy and Paul won out!

The two were married on February 2, 1973 and have lived a lot of places. Among those places have been Brooklyn Center, Brooklyn Park, Edina, Eden Prairie, and Crystal.

Due to health challenges, Kathy was unable to work. Paul has had many jobs including a cook, custodian, warehouse worker, and a public school worker.

When the two found out about Creekside Gables, they were interested and a little excited. Right now, they enjoy traveling to see live entertainment such as Bobby Vee who recently passed away. They were invited to this celebrity’s funeral by his son with whom they are very close.

Both Kathy and Paul love living here at Creekside. One of the things they want most is to meet more people. We are hoping this informal introduction will be helpful in that area. They also have a little black kitty named Sabrina. Sabrina is a boy and there is a cute story attached to the way he got his name. Talk about a conversation opener!

Ask them about Sabrina when you see them…they will be glad to tell you! We welcome them to our CG family with open arms!

If you would also love to make Creekside Gables your home please stop by or give us a call at:

7601 Zane Avenue
Brooklyn Park, MN 55443