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| Community: Creekside Gables

Creekside Gables Spotlights Valued Resident Cochise H.

Cochise was born in Chicago at Cook County Hospital.  He grew up in the Robert Taylor Homes and attended grammar school at John Farren and high school at DuSable.

Cochise worked at Hillman’s grocery store near the Lake Meadows community. He did this work while still in high school then attended Wilford Academy for training as a beautician.

In February of 2000, Cochise made his way to Minnesota settling in Brooklyn Park where he has lived for 17 years.

Cochise loves to cook, bake and do a little gardening when the mood strikes him.  He likes to help out when and however he can. He is a wonderful asset to Creekside Gables, as he is always helping others. Recently, Cochise helped, on his own time, distribute packages that were delivered for residents at Creekside Gables. He is also instrumental in cleaning the common areas if no one is around to do it.

Almost a year ago, Cochise took it upon himself to add an extra bingo game to our schedule. This way, residents get to play every Thursday evening from 6:00 to 8:00 pm. Sometimes the hour is extended when everyone is having fun. At his suggestion, there has been an additional shopping trip to include discount and other stores.

In his spare time, Cochise likes to do adult coloring books and attend yard sales as well as facilitate them.

We are blessed to have him in our building as his ideas are original and his intentions are always good!

If you would like to make Creekside Gables your home,
please give us a call at 763-503-0104 or stop by:
7601 Zane Avenue
Brooklyn Park, MN 55443