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| Community: Broadway Village

Broadway Village Sets Up "Future Resident Housing" for Their Annual Butterfly Friends Arrival!

We are all so ready for this difficult time to be over and are looking forward to our new seasonal residents arriving from their winter rest in Mexico. The Broadway Village community is very interested in developing habitat that is friendly to Monarchs and other butterflies. Milkweed is planted in a number of locations on the property to encourage them to come and lay their eggs.

We have “future resident housing” set up for the caterpillars while they transform into chrysalis and then to butterflies. Once the butterflies emerge, there is always a group at the Community Center to watch them fly away to their next adventure. Take a walk around the property, at a safe social distance of course, and see the butterflies who are coming to Broadway Village to make it their home.

As soon as we are able to welcome you again, come and join us for the friendship and fellowship that comes with gathering of friends. We welcome you to visit any of our activities and check out one of our beautiful 1- or 2-bedroom apartments with breath taking views of our water features and community garden!

Broadway Village Apartments
6046 W Broadway
New Hope, MN 55428