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| Community: Broadway Village

Broadway Village's, Jewel's Cafe, is Stepping Up to Help Serve Meals to Our Health Care Providers!

Lots of hand claps for Jewel’s Cave Diner for Jewel’s Cave responded to a Go Fund Me request to raise money for Hospital workers who have very few options right now for warm meals as they are putting themselves out in front to care for all of us. They are doing their part and helping to feed our health care providers.  Jewel has answered the call and provided 60 meals for front line workers at United Hospitals in St. Paul.  Jewel is stepping up again and going Above and Beyond to provide 40 meals to those who work over night. She and her staff are going to be working late and will be delivering those 40 meals to United Hospital this week. And a BIG thank you to all our health care providers!

Broadway Village - Jewel’s Cave Diner
 6028 W Broadway 
New Hope, MN 55428