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| Community: Blaine Courts

Be Part of the "NEW" at Blaine Courts!


Autumn is in sight and our residents are embracing the change that comes with it.  As we take in the cooler weather, pick the last ripe veggies from the raised garden beds, and take in the changing colors soon to peak in the trees around our community, we also celebrate the “new” around Blaine Courts.  We’ve upgraded our patio furniture and included a new umbrella that has been getting a lot of use already.  On the inside - and by resident’s request - we’ve upgraded our cable TV package in the community room to feature more sports channels so you can catch playoff baseball (even if we can’t root for the Twins), upgraded the cable equipment to the latest box and remote (you can even talk into it), and installed public Wi-Fi in the community room for our residents and their guests.  Call Amanda or Jake today to tour one of our newly-updated 2-bedroom apartments, and let us show you how we live the Lang Nelson Experience - become part of the NEW at Blaine Courts!

Blaine Courts
701 85th Ave. NE
Blaine, MN 55434

Amanda Morrison – Blaine Campus Manager
763-784-0063 /

Jake Ilika – Blaine Campus Assistant Manager
763-784-7174 /

Go the extra mile…it’s never crowded!