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| Community: Blaine Courts

Blaine Courts Celebrates Duaine W!

Duaine moved into Blaine Courts in November 2017 and immediately got busy getting to know people!

Duaine is busy with his church group and always has a smile on his face when he greets you!

The picture of Duaine and that yellow tractor was taken at the “Noon Out” celebration on Tuesday August 7, 2018. (Noon Out is the seniors version of Night to Unite) Later that evening Duaine had a date with the children from his old neighborhood to give tractor rides!

Duaine had many, many residents take their pictures next to that big yellow tractor, including some staff members from Blaine Courts! If you have never met Duaine make a point to say hello to him soon!

Blaine Courts
701 85th Avenue NE
Blaine, MN, 55434
(763) 784-7174