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| Community: Autumn Woods

Bringing Unity to the Community: Autumn Woods Celebrated their 21st Annual Night Out Against Crime

We served over 100 Hamburgers & Hot Dogs, with Chips, Side Dishes & a Beverage to our residents, their guests & some neighbors from the Community. Some got up and danced to the music provided by “Jim Berner”, while others were waiting to hear their number being called for one of the many prizes that were handed out.

What a Wonderful Evening!

This was a night to connect or reconnect with our neighbors.

Night to Unite promotes community.  When our residents & guests gather and know one another it sends a message, that the community is strong, organized, and people care what happens.

It’s a marvelous and fun way to get neighbors in our community out to meet one another, especially when you have new families.

It’s also a great way to meet and interact with neighborhood Police Officers and Fire Fighters.

Knowing who lives around you and being in tune with your surroundings is an important step in safety and building a community.  

Our residents and their guests participated in the Autumn Woods Night to Unite BBQ, to help strengthen and build onto the already fabulous community.

If this sounds like Autumn Woods is a Great Place to live, it is!
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Autumn Woods
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