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| Community: The Arbors of White Bear Lake

The Love of Coffee is Being Served Up Again at The Arbors!

For many of us, it is essential to life as we know it... Coffee! It is the first thing many of us reach for in the morning to get us going. It is the “pick me up” we grab to get us through that midday slump. It is the warm, aromatic treat we sip with our dessert after dinner. Any time of day, coffee is love.

For years now, our kitchen at The Arbors has offered several flavors of coffee morning, noon, and night. Unfortunately, because of COVID-19 guidelines, we have had to put the pots away. And while we can make coffee in our apartments, it is just not quite the same.

Beginning June 2nd, residents could once again enjoy a cup of Arbors coffee – wheeled right to their door! The Coffee Cart made its rounds once a week, serving up regular, decaf, and flavored coffee along with flavored creamers and sweeteners. There is nothing quite like a coffee delivery to warm a person’s heart and their tummy, and we did just that!

The Arbors of White Bear
4800 Division Avenue
White Bear Lake, Minnesota 55110
(651) 426-2228