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| Community: The Arbors of White Bear Lake

Wellness at The Arbors of White Bear Lake

We are always looking for ways to engage our residents in various facets of wellness.  Our mission is to enhance our resident’s lives physically, socially and spiritually. 

One of the ways we enhance wellness physically is by offering gentle yoga weekly.  Frailty and fatigue are actually increased by a sedentary lifestyle and decreased by low-impact exercise, such as stretching or gentle yoga. We have a certified yoga instructor onsite teaching our residents new stretches and poses that they can learn with ease and continue to work on safely in their homes.  By improving strength, balance, and coordination, we can minimize accidents, and other injuries.

Socially, we engage each other daily while visiting over coffee, or by participating in one of our many daily activities and social events.  We offer weekly transportation to the White Bear Senior Center, where additional activities are available. Research shows that seniors who stayed busy with a lot of social interaction were some of the happiest and healthiest of their age group, and live longer than those who become isolated. Relationships and social interactions even help protect against illnesses by boosting the immune system. 

Spiritually, we offer an onsite Christian bible study as well as a Catholic Communion weekly.  Our Christian bible study is non denominational, and all are welcome.  Our weekly Catholic Communion is organized by one of our residents and is very well attended. 

At The Arbors of White Bear Lake, we love to have fun and enjoy our neighbors and friends. We provide quality living environments that enhance or residents’ lives physically, socially, and spiritually. If you would like additional information about living at The Arbors, or a tour, please call us!  We would love to have you join us!

The Arbors of White Bear
4800 Division Avenue
White Bear Lake, Minnesota 55110
(651) 426-2228