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| Community: The Anthony James on Broadway

The Anthony James Honors Our Veterans!

On November 11th, the Anthony James ceremonially unveiled the Wall of Honor celebrating our Veterans within the community! We asked each of them to share their Branch information along with some of their fondest memories.  We were amazed by the sacrifice and brotherhood that each shared.  Below are some of the amazing highlights.

We have representation from the Army, Air Force, Marines, and the Navy all living at the Anthony James.

Many served in the Vietnam war and were stationed all over the world. More specifically, our residents served in the Gulf, Iraq, Afghanistan, Korea, and locally in Arkansas and California.

For most memorable experience, our veterans shared about teamwork, being a Marine of the month, being the recipient of the Purple heart, building a medical clinic, exposure to agent orange, guided an underground nuclear warhead missile on a mission called…Operation Titan II. And last but not least, the pleasure of serving our country.

We are so proud and honored to have these veteran residents living at the Anthony James.  Call or email today and schedule your in person, contactless tour today and join the AJ family!

The Anthony James on Broadway or 763-535-3840