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| Community: The Anthony James on Broadway

Jump on the Anthony James Boat

There are many ways to describe The Anthony James experience!! Fun, Vibrant, relaxing, and active to name a few. The Anthony James reminds me of my favorite vacation which is taking cruises. On a cruise you have plenty of activities offered and you can be as social as you like. You can mingle with others or simply relax and enjoy the quite. At The Antony James we have daily activities, fitness and wellness, and peaceful cozy place to call home. And don't forget if you need to get off the "Boat" we have Lang Nelson transportation to cater to your outside excursions. Don't miss the "boat" and come visit us at The Anthony James. Call us anytime to schedule a personalized tour of community. Aloha!

Anthony James
6100 West Broadway
New Hope, MN, 55428
(763) 535-3719