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| Community: The Anthony James on Broadway

Walking During a Winter Wonderland at Anthony James

Take a look outside and you will see white as far as the eye can see. The Twin Cities has gotten quite a bit of snow this year, add to that the treacherous temperatures of the last week or so and winter makes it hard to get out and about. Getting your exercise in is still as important as ever! Did you know that just getting in a simple walk has many health benefits? Walking increases your heart and lung fitness, reduces your risk of heart disease and stroke, build stronger bones and increases your balance! Even though it is hard to get outside to walk, here at the Anthony James you can still get your steps in. Take a stroll from one end of the hall to the other, challenge yourself and add a flight of stairs. Walking carefully in the parking garage is another option! You can even head upstairs to the treadmill and watch your daytime soaps while you walk! If you are avid about getting outside, we just ask that you take precautions! Dress warmly, covering your ears, fingers and toes. Invest in a pair of non-slip shoe covers such as YakTrax which will help reduce your risk of falling. Wear reflective gear so you are clearly visible to traffic, and don’t go too far from home! We love to see you stay healthy and fit here at the Anthony James! If you are interested in joining a walking club here at AJ please contact the office.

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